Slow Medicine — Pamphlet to Download

“How might I cast forth the loose matter and get down to the rock, the sure foundation, and there hearken to the divine voice which gives a clear and certain sound?” Query adapted from quote—John Woolman, c. 1770

This pamphlet discusses Slow Medicine in the context of Quakerism and a process of discernment that is centered in what is meaningful to a person. Suggestions can help Meetings to provide support and open dialogue for persons facing significant decisions about their medical care, or those who are planning their advance medical directives.

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Vigiling — Pamphlet to Download

Q: How can I create a setting of love and focus on spirituality, offering my full presence to one who is dying?

This pamphlet reviews the stages of the dying process, so that those present may know what to expect, and offers practical ideas and inspiration for being present in a meaningful way with someone who is dying. For further exploration there is a substantial suggested book and website list websites complied by NYYM ARCH Program Coordinator Barbara Spring.

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Care of the Caregiver — Pamphlet to Download

Q: How does our Meeting support caregivers who are facing chronic needs of family and friends?

This pamphlet reviews signs of caregiver stress and makes simple suggestions for how spiritual communities may support caregivers. Additional resources are listed that have been reviewed by NYYM and PYM staff.

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