Assistance for Friends in New York Yearly Meeting

Some monthly, regional, or Yearly Meetings have funds available to assist with health care, housing, or home care needs of aging Friends and/or others facing challenges. You may want to check with your own Meeting to find out if such funds are available. Even if financial support is not available, New York Yearly Meeting ARCH program volunteers may also be able to help you find county or other resources.

New York Yearly Meeting ARCH Program: In New York Yearly Meeting, Aging Resources Consultation and Help (ARCH) offers older adults and persons with disabilities the information they need to enhance quality of life. This is achieved through full use of Monthly Meeting and community resources. While this is not a financial granting program, ARCH volunteers can help you find needed resources. Education and insight is nurtured through workshops, printed material, website information, ARCH Visitors, and advice from trained consultants. One-on-one listening is available for individuals and families as they deal with the last third of life.

An ARCH Visitor is a Friend in NYYM who has taken the ARCH Visitor training program because s/he has a call to visit seniors and adults with disabilities within one hour from home. Visitors provide a listening ear and, hopefully, a connection to appropriate resources to improve the life of the person visited. Visitors maintain a close relationship to their Monthly and Regional Meetings, and stay in touch with the ARCH Coordinators. Please see our contact information in “Contact Us” to get help or to volunteer, or follow the link provided below.

Friends Foundation for the Aging: A resource for Friends programs, and one of the funders of this website, is Friends Foundation for the Aging. This is the new name for McCutchen Friends Home, which previously operated a residential and skilled nursing facility in North Plainfield, NJ, on properties given by the McCutchen family. In early 2007, in response to multiple external factors, the McCutchen board decided to close the Home, sell the properties, and pursue other ways to fulfill its mission of supporting the elderly.

The foundation supports programs that advance Quaker values in senior care, that provide new or expanded options to support seniors in their own homes, and that promote career development in the field of long term care. It anticipates that the major portion of its grants will be relatively large, multi-year grants to new, collaborative ventures. It also expects to provide support to new initiatives in support of seniors in New York Yearly Meeting. Its geographic focus, at least initially, will be New York, New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania.

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