Share the Care

Cappy Capossela and Sheila Warnock, Share the Care – How to Organize a Group to Care for Someone Who is seriously Ill, 2004, Fireside, New York, NY.  A how to book of guidelines and support for families, groups of friends, spiritual communities that covers many issues and concerns that may arise as well as practical tips for organizing. This is a recommended core resource for Meetings, pastoral caregivers, families or any group organizing to care for a person.

Multigenerational – The Face at the Window

Regina Hanson, Illustrated by Linda Saport, The Face at the Window, 1997, Clarion Books, New York, NY. A young girl overcomes fear caused by stigma and gets to know her neighbor. A recommended core resource for Meetings and for people  who may have fears or assumptions about the mentally ill.

Helping Someone With Mental Illness

Rosalynn Carter, Helping Someone With Mental Illness, 1999, Three Rivers Press, New York, NY. This covers a variety of topics in a compassionate manner. This is a recommended core resource, especially for Meetings or pastoral caregivers.

The Depression Sourcebook

Brian P. Quinn, C.S.W, Ph.D. The Depression Sourcebook, 2000, Lowell House, Los Angeles, CA. Helps readers understand depression and its effect on family members. Includes information about medications and various therapies.  A recommended core resource.

The Dark Night of the Soul

Gerald G. May, M.D., The Dark Night of the Soul, 2004, Harper Collins, New York, NY. A look at the connection between our lowest moments and spiritual growth.  Closes with the beginning stanza of Teresa of Avila’s “Buscando a Dios”, “Soul, seek yourself in me.”  A recommended core resource.