On Retiring to Kendal (and Beyond)

Peter Bien, On Retiring to Kendal (and Beyond), Pendle Hill Pamphlet 368, 2003, Pendle Hill Publications, Wallingford, PA. A retiree’s contemplations on death and acceptance. This is a recommended core resource.

Reinventing Community: Stories from the Walkways of Cohousing

Edited by David Wann, Reinventing Community: Stories from the Walkways of Cohousing, 2005, Fulcrum Publishing; Golden, Colorado. This book is not a how-to guide, but provides insight by focusing on sharing the stories of those living in cohousing communities.

The Senior CoHousing Handbook

Charles Durrett, The Senior Cohousing Handbook, A Community Approach to Independent Living, 2009 New Society Publishers. “This is a comprensive guide to joining or creating a cohousing project” that provides practical advice for those interested “in custom building neighborhoods to meet their needs and aspirations.”

Creating Community Anywhere

Carolyn R. Shaffer and Kristin Anundsen, Creating Community Anywhere, Finding Support and Connection in a Fragmented World, 1993 Jeremy P. Tarcher/Putnam, New York, NY.  This is an excelllent overview of community, why we need it and how we can create it in any environment, including where we already live.This is a recommended core resource.