Without Nightfall Upon the Spirit

Mary C. Morrison, Without Nightfall Upon the Spirit, Pendle Hill Pamphlet 311, 1993, Pendle Hill, Wallingford, PA.  Written by Mary Morrison at 83 – a treasure trove of advice, insight and queries. A recommended core resource.

Facing and Fulfilling the Later Years

Elsie Marion Andrews, Facing and Fulfilling the Later Years, Pendle Hill Pamphlet 157, 1968, Pendle Hill, Wallingford, PA. Though written in 1968, this Friend’s perspective on aging and caring for others as they age is timeless. This is recommended for Meeting’s core collections.

The Measure of My Days

Florida Scott-Maxwell, The Measure of My Days, 1968, Penguin Books, New York, NY. This is simply beautiful. A recommended core resource.

The Virtues of Aging

Jimmy Carter, The Virtues of Aging, 1998, The Library of Contemporary Thought, Ballantine Publishing, New York. Positive and insightful look at aging. Especially delightful when read with a Jimmy Carter accent.

60 on Up

Lillian B. Rubin, Ph.D., 60 on Up, The Truth About Aging in the 21st Century, 2007 Beacon Press, Boston, Massachusetts. The opening line of this book is “Getting old sucks!”. Many people will disagree, but nonetheless the book turns out to be a good, honest and open discussion about the changes aging may bring, social issues and lots of food for thought.