Hoarding — Pamphlet to Download

Hoarding is a phenomenon that leads to social isolation, depression, anxiety, and reluctance to move in retirement.  This reluctance often brings hoarding to the awareness of family and Meeting.   This tool provides basic information toward understanding this behavior and coping with it in a sensitive manner.

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Including Everyone: Faith Community Care for People with Challenges — Pamphlet to Download

Q: Do I show through my way of living that love of God includes affirming the equality of all people, treating others with dignity and respect, and seeking to recognize and address that of God in every person?
PYM Faith and Practice, 2002

Including everyone means a community needs to be welcoming in attitude, intentional in adapting communication and planning events to be considerate of  people’s various needs, and mindful of the physical accessibility of your shared space.  This brochure offers some basic advice and also suggested resources for helping your Meeting develop its inclusiveness.

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Conversations About Driving — Pamphlet to Download

Q: Am I ready to offer assistance as part of my religious community? 
Am I equally willing to accept graciously the help of others? 
Am I open to counsel and advice?

When people face challenges that affect their ability to drive, it can present difficult practical concerns as well as emotional stress as that person deals with diminshed independence. This pamphet offers some tips and suggested resources for individuals, caregivers and spiritual communities when someone’s driving is a concern.

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