Spirituality and Change — Pamphlet to Download

Q: “What will this newfound present of old age and its unknown future demand of us?
Where is dignity to be found in it? How shall we find ourselves the dignity we see is
Mary Morrison, Without Nightfall Upon the Spirit, Pendle Hill Pamphlet 311

Validating loss, allowing grief and spiritual community support can help us move through life’s most difficult changes. This pamphlet gives some brief points and suggested reading for those facing age related or other changes.

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Honoring the Individual Through Validation — Pamphlet to Download

Q: How can we support that of God in one another while facing cognitive, emotional and behavioral challenges?

This tool reflects on Naomi Feil’s Principles of Validation – a practical method for communicating with people with dementia- in the context of Quakerism and how we value each individual. The principles can be useful in fostering supportive relationships in general, not only for people who have dementia. This tool lists resources for deeper discussion, including links to The Validation Institute website where one can receive further training in this method.

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Slow Medicine — Pamphlet to Download

“How might I cast forth the loose matter and get down to the rock, the sure foundation, and there hearken to the divine voice which gives a clear and certain sound?” Query adapted from quote—John Woolman, c. 1770

This pamphlet discusses Slow Medicine in the context of Quakerism and a process of discernment that is centered in what is meaningful to a person. Suggestions can help Meetings to provide support and open dialogue for persons facing significant decisions about their medical care, or those who are planning their advance medical directives.

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